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Aundrina is the main charaector of the series.

Personality:She's charming witrty, outgoing, and once you get to knows her everyone loves her. She is the lilife of the party and one of the funniest people you wil ever meet. Aundrina has all the friends any high school girl could ask for, and throws the best parties. She is crazy, she says things no one would ever even dare to say, but that's just how she is She is very outspoken and is not afaird to speak her mind. She oloves attiention and of course getting what she wants. She is the kinda person everyone knows and is everyones friend. But aundrina can get a bit emotional at times her emotions often go up and down she is happy then crying.Edit

Backstory: Aundrina grew up in one of Beyerwood's wealthiest familes, and seem to have the serect life, she always esemed to get everything she wanted. Aundrina had four best friends growing up. when she was in the secound grade she was that ackward girl in the back of the classroom who everyone teased, and one day i girl, a kinda girl who had many friends wanted to be friends with Aundrina, and that ment to world to her. As the years went on they got closer and closer. There familes ended up beingg bestfriends as well and the started vactioning together along with another friend of there's. But as they got to kiddl eschool and 8th grade came along there friendship begain to change. He friend started craing all about popularity. aundrina tryed so hard to fit in with her old friend. Her friend had quickly became the most popular girl in school and started to tease Aundrina. Her friend began to leave her out and ditch her for her newgroup. she started to be mean to Aundrina. Aundrina started to feel alone, and no matter what she did she was never really accepted by her peers. She was often bullyed. Mainly becuase of her high pitched sqeaky voice, she grew incure. Boys would ask her to marry them as a joke and bully her oion facebook. She started to have a crush on this boy and told her bestfriend. Over the summer going into freshman year Aundrina foud out that her whole life was a lie. That all the guys had been making fun of her all year long. that the peopel she thouht were her friends were really he enimes. that her bestfriend had told the boy and he decided to pretend to be her friend becuase they thought it was funny. He would always claim yo "love" her and ask fo high fives. He thought it was funny. She had been the joke. Aundrin agrew into a depression, she cut out everuone from her life, freshman year and eat along in the bathroom. Eaxch day she thought of comiting suicide even writting suicide letters. Well the one person whos he thought she could trust was the one she coun't. She fet alone and had no friends. Aundrin begsin cutting herself, whenever she did something wrong, from not getting dates to dances to bad grades, she starte to punish herself. All she wanted was to fit in and and to be accepted.But as the year went bon she found happpiness and gave nrew peoople a chance.Edit

Current: This year Aundrina was gonna stop trying to people popualr nad things were ginn aworkout she was gonna relize when she stop trying to make something happen it actually hapopens. She was gonna find her true friends and most of al herself. she was gonna learn to live again and finally find the happines she had been searching for. She was gomnna throw the best parties and have a year she'd never forrget. But in the back of her mind she would still think odf the past and the pain would still huant her eachday. And she'd worry if any boy xcould ever take her seriously.Edit

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